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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PST

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amily are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. so how will a little bit of racism help sell a tax bill? good morning, everybody. john berman here. less than 24 hours after the president dropped a racial slur at an event honoring native americans, today he will face a room full of senators to sell a tax plan that will cut for many
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but raise taxes for some. for the president it's a challenge of quintessential 2017 multitasking. it's can he slander and legislate at the same time? cnn is all over this as senators await his arrival. christine romans here in new york. suzanne malveaux live. where do we stand with the votes? >> reporter: it's a critical task for the president and his party, and the senate budget committee will vote on this, expected to vote on this, and they have a dozen members of republicans on the committee and they can only afford to lose one of the republicans, and so far you have two that have been outspoken critics about this or at least about their concerns, and one is ron johnson and he is talking about the fact that he doesn't believe it's doing enough for small businesses, they need bigger breaks. he has been in contact with the president and white house
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officials. they think that maybe he's a bit malaable and can help him out and his concerns, but it's senator bob corker, he is not going to listen all that much to what the president has to say and what his concerns on. he's focused on the federal deficit. the problem is if you satisfy one you may alienate the other and that would initially make the legislation stall in committee. let's say they get it in committee, and then you have a bigger problem, and you have more senators concerned about this and they range from a host of issues, where some say we agree, it's not good enough for small businesses. others who are not in favor of repealing the obamacare individual mandate that too many people will suffer, will not have insurance because of that, and the deficit hawks say this plan is too expensive. the mood here on capitol hill,
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as senator lindsay graham said yesterday, something has to get done and that failure is not an option, but john, it's far from certain whether or not they can satisfy the members to move this thing forward. >> suzanne on capitol hill. thank you. christine romans, given what we know, what does it too? >> the cbo says what we are seeing here, the tax cuts basically benefit big companies and the rich to a lesser extent, the middle class and everybody else. in fact, over time this is how it changes by the year 2019 people making $30,000 or less would see a higher tax bill if nothing is done, and by 2021, it would be $40,000 a year and less, and 2027, people earning $75,000 and less. if you appeal the individual mandate for obamacare, things get more expensive. a middle tax cut goes away
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because of the higher costs. that means the government doesn't have to pay for them, and it comes up to $338 billion to help fund the tax plan. it doesn't go all the way. in fact, another sticking point that they are going to be squabbling over is what is the deficit addition going to be, about $1.4 trillion over the next ten years is what the cbo estimates and it's going to be paid for by the exploding economic growth, but there's no guarantee it will explode and there's a debate on how you claw back the tax cuts if the economy is not doing well, and so it's a real conundrum from an economics 101 standpoint. and then the business of the pass through businesses. you are hearing from senator ron johnson and others who are worried this tax plan as it sits right now benefits big business and not smaller business, but pass through businesses, about 69% of all pass through income
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goes to the top earners, so there's a worry if you help some small businesses you are tilting it toward the rich and corporations over the regular, john. >> what makes this different if you harken back to the bush years, those cut taxes for everybody, and everybody saw a tax cut. this will raise taxes for some people. it will cut taxes for maybe, and maybe even most but there will see tax increases? >> that's correct. it will cut taxes at the outset for most and then raise taxes for some. over time, because in some of the proposals, the middle tax cuts and small tax cuts expire, and corporate tax cuts are permanent and that's where you see the tilt. >> the administration argues that will be good for the economy and that might be the case but that's an economic theoretical argument right now
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that will only bear out over time. new this morning, the president facing the fallout for a remark deemed to be flatout racist. >> you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago, they call her pocahontas. but you know what? i like you. because you are special. >> cnn's joe johns at the white house for us. joe, senator warren is responding to these comments. what is she saying? >> senator warren has really gone after the president as she has in the past, but john, it's also interesting and important to mention that the target audience on a statement like this and how it's received is very important as well.
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the president of the navajo nation on "new day" this morning indicating in his view that the way it was used, it was -- he says it was a racial slur or at the very least culturally insensitive, and it's important to say also that this was not only the president speaking to navajo code talkers, world war ii heroes, but also speaking in front of a painting of andrew jackson, the president, who signed the indian removal act that effectively launched the trail of tears native americans on a death march many thousands of them from the east to the west. so given all that, and now let's listen to what senator warren had to say about the president's remarks. >> i really couldn't believe it, that there he was at a ceremony to honor native americansmen who had really put it all on the line. really amazing people, and
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president trump couldn't even make it through a ceremony to honor these men without throwing in a racial slur. >> the president has used the pocahontas name to call out senator warren for her claiming ethnic indian heritage, and that has been very difficult for fact checkers to trace, and nonetheless the senator has been raising money on the latest iteration of the name calling, and for her the white house press secretary has essentially blamed senator warren for the entire mess. >> back to you. >> joining us, sunny skyhawk, and sunny thank you for being with us. can i get your reaction. when you heard the president say what he said yesterday in the room with native american war heroes, what did you say? >> it was a slight against our
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people and a slight against our heroes, and maybe people also have their heroes, and these were some of them that were represented. when it comes to the code talkers, there were various tribes that had code talkers and not just the navajo, and that having been said again, he's politicizing this racial slur, and it's something that is totally unacceptable to our people, and we feel slighted for having done that. we have to hold this president accountable for what he says. i heard a comment a while ago that the american people need to take a selfie to realize what they are doing and why they still support this president, and i think it's partly how we feel. to slight the native people of america is beyond acceptable. >> you know, sunny, you know
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sarah sanders faced questions about this and she said no, i don't think it's a racist term. explain why you think it is? >> again, dealing with pocahontas and the way that he's used the name pocahontas in the past is self explanatory. you don't have to go very far to listen to some of the comments he made prior to this against elizabeth warren, so this is not about elizabeth warren, it's about a president that takes it upon himself to bring about racial slurs, and not just to native americans. he's an equal opportunity racist is my estimation. >> the picture of andrew jackson, he was president during the indian removal act and the trail of tears.
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what did you think when you saw that portrait? do you think the president knew what he was doing by holding this event under andrew jackson? >> this was totally staged. i challenge anybody to say it was not staged. he knew what he was doing. he has been on television long enough to know how to stage what is behind you. that podium was placed there for a purpose and that was to showcase andrew jackson and the president. totally condescending to our heroes and the code talkers. i can't explain how disarming that was to me. >> you don't think it is possible nobody in the white house think about it, and they hold events there all the time and andrew jackson happens to be on the wall? >> andrew jackson did not just happen to be in the background. this was a staged event prior to the code talkers appearing there
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and talking to him. >> sorry, didn't mean to interrupt. go ahead. >> maythose people were serving this country before made citizens in 1924, and we had our people in the indian wars, world war i and world war ii as the code talkers, and we defended this country at one time, and it's pretty ironic, that the languages we used inward w worl ii, we were prohibited for using those languages, and here world war ii, it comes to play that they defended the united states of america. >> and they were heroes. one of the things sarah sanders did say is the statements in the
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past by elizabeth warren are offensive, and she claimed cherokee heritage, and there's no rock solid documentation to back that up. is the white house correct in drawing a focus to this? is there anything wrong with what elizabeth warren has said? >> i think at least one-third of the american population self identifies with having a connection to a native person or family. that is nothing new. elizabeth warren might rightly be or might not be, but that's not the point. the point is that we have an american president that is politicizing an honor situation with the code talkers of the navajo nation. to me, that's unacceptable and
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should be held accountable for it. >> thank you. good to have you. >> thank you. we are counting the numbers for the tax plan. plus, the sexual allegations against moore, he says are dirty politics. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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very shortly, a high-stakes lunch as president trump looks to strike a deal with republicans on taxes. joining me, lynn sweet, and
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patrick and jeffrey toobin. lynn, when president trump talks into the room, before the inevitable standing ovation, which he will tweet about after, what do they want to hear from him? >> what he can do to take their different criticisms of the bill and address them knowing that all -- knowing that each person has enormous leverage, because there's not going to be any democratic votes and only republicans if this thing is passed, and two can stop them. what they want to hear is tax policy and proposals, not platitudes. you are dealing with people that have to write specific things and address specific concerns, and this includes numbers, okay, john? these are numbers. decimal points. percentages. however you want to compute it, it's not just basic words. that's the hardest thing for president trump to do is work to
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complex policy, and now he has within that room he will go into with republicans, a bunch of different interests. >> to be fair, math is hard for all of us. and one of the things that strikes me, the holdout of republican senators, and one is bob corker, and he is all but given up on trump as a moral leader, and the question is does that make him more likely to vote against his tax plan? does it make him a harder get in terms of a vote? >> not more likely, but president trump's persuasion tactics, like today, they go know where from bob corker or jeff flake from arizona, and what they want is proof that the tax bill will help economy and growth in a way that offsets the numbers they are seeing and getting warnings about that really good, you know, saddle debt for generations.
6:21 am
the problem is president trump has shown with the health care, with the health care repeal that he tried over and over again, that going in and saying i will run against you, or i am going to support candidates that suppose you, these sort of threat tactics, they didn't go anywhere last time, and he's not able to persuade on logic and evidence, beyond what he can tweet and just noise, doesn't look like he can do much. >> stand by, we have something new from the president of the united states, and later he meets with bipartisan leaders, and meeting with chuck and nancy today, and he means chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. i don't see a deal. you know, that's an interesting way to say how are you doing,
6:22 am
lynn sweet? is that a nice way to greet nancy pelosi and chuck schumer as they come to the white house today? >> no, because it includes things that are not true. the democrats never said they want a flood of immigrants to come in as to suggest there's some new provision they want that is not on the books right now. no, it's not a way that you make a deal. especially when you say you can't have one. this is not a piece of real estate here. he also put conflated several issues, sometimes -- john, you just asked about corker when you and patrick were talking. >> right. >> lawmakers on the hill know how to separate things, political an mist and each separate deal, it's like poison go into the well for everything he wants to do especially since democrats will probably not give him votes on the tax bill. other measures he might get them
6:23 am
on keeping government open. >> the line about immigrants in the president's tweets, that appears to be a reference to daca. remember when the president talked about the d.r.e.a.m.ers, he said i want legislatively congress to protect these d.r.e.a.m.ers. now it looks like he's giving up on that and the d.r.e.a.m.ers are, you know, being kicked to the curb, at least based on that tweet. so anybody who believed that the president was actually going to take action to protect -- i forgot how many people, 2 million, i think, and it's a lot of people. you know, it looks like it's a, you know, too bad for them. >> yeah, there's a metaphor i like to say. we are dealing with politics and it's like from peanuts, he walks around with a cloud surrounding
6:24 am
him and that cloud is controversy, and today's cloud it's about the statement he made about elizabeth warren, where he called her pocahontas. sarah sanders said it's not racist, and we had an american native leader on that said it is. >> they have president trump's number. they have had it for a while. the way he uses names and insults and racial slurs to, you know, sort of get at people. in terms of separating the personal from the political, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they know how he operates. i don't think it has impact in terms of hurting the ability to do the deal, but in terms of just dealing with president trump, you know, it's just that much more sort of trust trust frustrating. >> they can separate statements
6:25 am
like that from the deals they want to cut today. >> they -- for two years now they said president trump is going to say and tweet what he wants and we are not going to defend him, and we are not going to the wall on pocahontas and elizabeth warren. >> all what republicans grumble privately about president trump, every judge gets confirmed, and except for john mccain and two others, they all supported health care, and they are almost all going to support tax reform. this supposed upset with president trump doesn't translate. >> unless bob corker, or jeff flake, or john mccain, and you don't know where he is on the budge, unless they decide to take a stand on something like that, and i just want -- predict for me what will happen this week. do you think they will get the vote through? >> we will have tests early on on thursday. it's hard to see how all of
6:26 am
these -- this is an artificial deadline. it doesn't have to be done this week. i think, may i say that i think there could be a deal, and yes, if this is a less ambitious overhaul. we are trying to look at the biggest overhaul since ronald reagan signed the tax reform act of 1986, a less ambitious bill, fewer moving parts, and less retooling all of the aspects of the tax code, you make get something doable. one quick point, i think nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are more immune to the taunts and insults of president donald trump because they come from that more. >> right. >> they could give it as well, not that they would necessarily, but they get the psyche of somebody like that, and they have dealt with versions of trump a lot longer, especially chuck schumer, he can decode
6:27 am
what is going on and trump can get in his head a little more than some republicans because they know what he's about. >> and reporting that lawyers from michael flynn met with the special counsel's office yesterday. what could that mean? >> when you combine that the flynn's lawyers broken off contact with trump's lawyers and the other subjects of robert mueller's investigation, it certainly suggests that michael flynn is heading towards some sort of deal with mueller, which would presumably include a guilty plea and cooperation, and that would be a major victory for mueller, but we don't know what he has to offer in terms of cooperation. >> other than a leak to the press. how would we find out? >> when he walks into the courtroom and pleads guilty. that's how it works. that's public.
6:28 am
>> great to have you with us. thanks, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. roy moore goes on the offensive saying the accusations against him are like the russia probe. two weeks now until election day in alabama, and what do the voters there think? retailers already cashing in from booming black market sales getting another boost, and cyber monday set the record for the biggest online shopping day ever. christine romans back with us. congratulations to you on cyber monday and i am sure the markets love this. >> you had a majority of sales online, smart phones hitting a record for how much money you are spending on your smartphone. call it the amazon affect. amazon changed how we shopped. amazon shares crossed $1,200 per share for the first time ever, and up 60% this year. now consumers are catching up to
6:29 am
the visionary model. let me gives you the numbers. thanksgiving, $2.9 billion. black friday, a record $5 billion. these are online sales. unbelievable kinds of numbers. cyber monday, again, a record. today, yes it's about what this says about the consumer, how strong the consumer is and the economy, and what wrinkles will there be in tax reform, and what will we hear and will there be a bill that gets passed? that's what wall street is going to be watching. >> thank you very much. much more on roy moore and alabama when we come back. let's begin. yes or no? do you want the same tools and seamless experience
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two weeks out from alabama senate election, and roy moore taking on the gloves, and fighting the allegations of sex abuse including an allegation that he molested a 14-year-old girl. >> the truth is this is not really odd at all. this is simply dirty politics and it's a sign of the immorality [ applause ] it's a sign of the immorality of our time. politicians will stop at nothing to win an election. >> remember, again, he is the
6:35 am
one accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl. caitlyn collins in alabama with the latest. caitlyn. >> reporter: yeah, john, quite a warm reception for roy moore in alabama last night. this was one of his first public appearances back on the campaign trail in 11 days or so, and one of the few appearances we have seen from roy moore since this slew of sexual assault allegations has been made against him, including that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s. roy moore continued to deny these allegations and with two weeks left to go in the race he's vowing not only to continue to fight and promising to take the gloves off. in the room of about 200 supporte supporters or so roy moore invoked the president's name and a certain investigation into russian meddling. >> they are trying to hide the
6:36 am
true issues, and it's no different than when the "washington post" brought out the russian investigation at a time when president trump is trying to get his agenda passed. >> this is a race that most voters believe will come down to roy moore and his democratic opponent, doug jones, but with just days left in the race, john, another person decided to enter the race and that is somebody who has been a top aide to the white house chief of staff, john kelly a. retired marine, lee busby, who was on cnn this morning. >> i simply was not happy with my choices, and if it was a personal issue i would not have gone to the extreme but the more people i talked to the more convinced i became that that feel something widespread here in alabama. >> now there's a feeling in that room last night, john, that this will be a close race when voters go to the polls here in alabama in just two weeks, but despite
6:37 am
the allegations made against roy moore, those who are supporting him still believe he can pull this off, john. >> caitlyn collins watching things for us on the ground. thank you so much. the tax bill hangs in the balance, and what is the one thing republican senators want to hear from the president? we'll ask that next.
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in india, conspicuously absent from the summit put on by the state department, any state department officials. this was the decision of rex tillerson and he's doing it partially to snub ivanka trump.
6:42 am
joining us live, michelle kaczynski. what is going on? >> this is a big event. the state department put it on for several years, and it was an obama era. none of them are from the state department, so when you look at past years you see the secretary of state kerry went multiple times, and president obama went to several of these and high-level state department officials, so it surprised people not only within this building but also at the white house that the state department this year seemed to make it a rule that nobody above a certain low-level ranking was allowed to go on this trip, not even the assistant secretary of state for this region, so we talked to somebody that was a former
6:43 am
diplomat that worked on this event in past years, and he called this exstarrtraordinary unprecedented that the state department wouldn't send its top people or at least one of them to this large-scale event, especially because it's in india, and the state department is talking about how they are trying to forge greater ties especially economy, and sources say tillerson and his inner circle do not like the fact that it's ivanka trump headlining this and taking center stage, and one source said tillerson doesn't love the idea that first jared kushner is stepping over his role, and there's a disagreement with what the role of secretary of state is. when we asked the state department multiple times, first of all, just send us a list of
6:44 am
all of the high-ranking or any statement that are going, and they just won't send it. they said who is the highest ranked state department going, they don't answer. when we asked for a statement on the controversy over a perception that it's a snub by secretary of state tillerson, they sent us an on the record statement, but it was just about the summit. it didn't aggress this issue at all and certainly didn't deny it. >> fascinating. michelle kaczynski at the state department, thank you so much. president trump heads to the capitol in a bit to talk about his tax plan. what do they want to hear? remember how the economic crash
6:45 am
was supposed to be a wake up call for our government? people all across the country lost their savings, their pensions and their jobs. i'm tom steyer and it turned out that the system that had benefited people like me who are well off, was, in fact, stacked against everyone else.
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the republican tax plan faces a crucial test in just hours. lose a single republican vote and it could stall in committee. joining me now is a key player in all this, ohio republican rob portman a member of the senate finance committee. always great to see you. i have a ton of tax questions i want to get to. >> excellent. >> i want to get you on the record on what the president said about elizabeth warren because i don't think we can let these things pass without recognizing them. he called her pocahontas in a war full of native american war heros and native americans we spoke to said at worst it's racist, at bests poor taste. is it any way appropriate, sir in. >> first of all the two of them have had a back and forth for a long time usually on twitter and, perhaps, i think it, you know, it benefits both of them with regard to their bases. but so i'm not going to get into
6:50 am
that. honoring those code talkers, the navaho code talkers, many of whom are no longer with us because these are world war ii veterans should have been the focus of that meeting. what an incredible story what they did for our country. >> such an incredible story. you do not think it's appropriate to use a name like that in such a setting? >> again, he and elizabeth warren go back and forth with their name calling and, you know, that's not my style as you know. but i stay out of that. i do think that that event should have been about honoring some real patriots who stepped forward to help our country at a critical time. >> so, senator, the tax plan, the republican tax plan, the cbo estimates those making under $30,000 a year, they would be worse off by 2019. those making under $75,000 would be worse off by 2027. let's take those making under $30,000, how do you explain to them that this tax plan is fair for them? >> well, what it shows is because of the way the individual health care mandate
6:51 am
is scored by the budget process we got to use here, that some of those people are not going to get as much tax credit, refundable tax credit, from the government for their health care and some of them will not choose to be on medicaid, so those making under $30,000, the vast majority of those folks have no tax -- income tax liability. the question is how much of a refundable credit, i don't agree with what the cbo has said with regard to the individual mandate. they're changing their own model now. i'm not sure somebody offered medicaid is not going to take it, which is not a cost to that person, just because there's not an individual mandate. but that's what they say. so that has to it with health care. otherwise, those folks get tax relief because we double the child tax credit, the standard deduction. the child tax credit is increased. for someone making $50,000, there's a tax cut of 30%, 50,000 with two kids, 30% tax cut. look at the joint committee on tanksation numbers. $85,000, a 20% tax cut.
6:52 am
yes, it does expire over the ten-year period but so did the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. that's typical. and congress chose for about 90% of the people as you know to extend those tax cuts. that's what i hope will happen again. also will be an opportunity on the floor of the senate to make those tax cuts permanent and if 8 democrats join the republicans that will happen. >> i'm glad you brought up 2001 and 2003. you know, you weren't a member of the bush administration then, you ultimately were, but were a supporter of those tax cuts. they cut taxes on everyone. everyone saw tuxz, some bigger than others, but everyone saw a tax cut. with this plan many will see tax cuts but there will be some in some cases many in many places that will see tax increases right away. >> well, i think if you look at this, again, from an objective point of view, look at the joint committee numbers, the nonpartisan group up here,, check it out, to your viewers, what you will see is for every single income bracket,
6:53 am
there's seven of them now, there is tax relief. so on an aggregate basis there's huge tax relief. the biggest issue you're pointing to is state and local tax issue. and you're right, people at the higher end this goes -- it's a regressive tax in the sense 50% of the benefit goes to families making over $200,000 for a year and states like new york and california, not having that deduction any longer, does kick some of those folks who are upper middle class or high income folks, into a situation where they don't get that deduction, but there are two things they should take into account. one the alternative minimum tax takes that away and repealing an amendment tax which is a complication, they don't get that deduction often now, and second this is a philosophical question. should the federal government be be subsidizing states relatively high taxed. ed you should you get a benefit in a high tax state or should there be a level playing field here where my constituents in ohio who have an average state and local tax deductionion of
6:54 am
$2500, be paying to subsidize folks in new york county who have an average of $25,000 in terms of their deduction and so that's -- it's a philosophical question. >> i understand. and they say, by the way, the new yorkers, new jersey, california, say they are overtaxed, pay a greater percentage in federal taxes that gets distribute to the rest of the country. you pointed to the joint committee on taxation their website i want to draw people's attention to your senate website where you talk about the national debt. you've been a crusader against deficits and debt for some time and note that the nearly $20 trillion in debt now if they were $1 bills would cover the state of ohio, 1.77 times, white fill the ohio stadium the horseshoe nine times over, and it would buy the cleveland indians and cincinnati reds 11,000 times over. these are great numbers. >> on my website. >> it is. yet you're going to vote for a plan that increases that debt by more than a trillion dollars. >> well, i don't agree with
6:55 am
that. i think it will decrease the debt and by the way, it's not the only answer. obviously we have to restrain spending but if you don't grow the economy you will not be able to get out from under this. i strongly believe that 1.9% economic growth number that we have to use, again under the budget process, is wrong. . i think this tax relief because of the changes, frankly, on the business side that help workers become competitive again, you know, we have the highest rate in the world among all the developed countries on our business side and that's driving jobs and investment overseas three times as many u.s. companies bought by foreign companies than the reverse vest. this will help on economic growth. a good letter by the hoover institute on this issue that will increase economic growth, i believe, in this strongly, fighting for this many, many years. >> did the 2001 or 2003 tax cuts, did they reduce the national debt? >> well, they were not focused on this sort of pro-growth policy. they didn't go into the business side. they focused on the individual tax relief which is very
6:56 am
important, but this for first time in 31 years, we are actually doing the major reforms. it's not about tax cuts to me, as much as about tax reform. if you do the tax reform and do them right no question we will have more economic growth and again, protein jex we have is 1.9%. we grew 3% and 3.1% the last two quarters. projection yesterday showing 4% growth next year from an independent group, but if you do that there will not be an increase in the deficit. you will have a decrease in the deficit over the next ten years. that's what i hope happens. i -- this has been bipartisan in the past by the way, doing these kinds of reforms we're talking about because unless you do these reforms we continue to lose jobs and investment overseas. if we do them we can bring back a lot of the earnings trapped overseas and that will help the economy a lot and increase revenues. >> senator rob portman of ohio, we're out of time. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me on. >> roy moore taking off the gloves, two weeks away from the election in alabama. the senate election there. he is now railing against what he calls dirty politics.
6:57 am
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